Amy's Grass Fed Beef

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Why is our beef different?
It's Grass Fed and Grass Finished!

    The following qualities are important to us in raising our steers:
  1. - Tender and deliciously flavored beef.
  2. - Locally bred and raised and grazed.
  3. - No additives - no growth hormones or antibiotics.
  4. - Healthy for you - lower in fat, cholesterol, higher in CLA’s and Omega-3 fatty acids.
  5. - Better for our environment - managed grazing for sustainable grasslands.
  6. - Humane treatment - not confined. Always pastured with the herdmates they grew up with.

What our Customers Say:

  • "We always enjoy the high quality beef you provide."
    ~ J. S. Fort Collins
  • "Each bite of this tasty, lean meat makes my heart feel good (no pun intended) just knowing it is range fed and not feed-lot fattened. We have been customers for many years and, truly, we have yet to experience a single bad cut. We know the care and processing of your beef contribute to the quality and we look forward to purchasing direct from you again in the future".
    ~ M.E. & C.T. Masonville
  • "We have been enjoying eating and preparing our beef, all of the cuts are delicious. It's great to know that we are eating an animal that has lived the way it should have, on the pasture grass! Thank you!"
    ~ M. S. Telluride
  • "Thank you so much for all you do to provide wonderful service and great meat! We've been delighted by our experience. Since we can't raise our own cow this is most definitely the next best thing. Thanks again!"
    ~ K.G. - Denver
  • "We're going to have to buy another freezer, the meat is that good -- besides the dog loves that raw stuff. This time reserve us a whole steer. I swear I'll deny it if asked by another Texan but that beef is better than 'good' and better or as good as any Texas beef I've ever eaten. Big thumbs up for your tender loving care of these animals."
    ~ A.W. - Denver
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