Amy's Grass Fed Beef

Amy and her husband Todd have been grass-finishing Angus-crossbred beef for more than 20 years, directly serving local customers along the Colorado Front Range. Our cattle "finish", in their second year, on high-altitude mountain pastures in western Larimer County. These lands are lush with native grasses, plants, and forbs that provide a nourishing and serene environment. The end result is content cattle that produce great tasting, healthy meat. Our beef cattle are sourced and hand-selected from two, upstanding, family owned ranches that consistently raise healthy, hardy animals grown on fresh grass in their rural, native pastures. In winter they are supplemented with hay, to insure a natural forage diet.

Humane methods are always used to move our cattle frequently while holistically maintaining our lands and waterways that also feed local and migrating wildlife.We are not USDA certified organic but raise only forage fed (no grain, no soy, no corn), hormone and antibiotic-free meat. Our tender & deliciously flavored meat is lean and nutritious providing a distinct flavor that only high-altitude grass-finished beef can produce. We sell whole, half and quarters of beef. A limited supply of select cuts, burger, and organ meats may also be available in early December. The meat is ready for pickup or delivery can be arranged from October to December. Our meat is dry aged for 14-21 days and USDA inspected. We process our cattle at a small, custom plant located in Evans, CO. Orders may be made by phone or complete the website order form.

Why Grass Fed and Grass Finished?

Large scale beef production usually involves several months in a feedlot where cattle are fed diets high in grain, often corn. Cattle are ruminants, they are designed to digest fiber (as found in grass and forage such as hay). Steers are not designed to eat grain; they are designed to eat grass. An unnatural diet of grain upsets the bacterial balance in their digestive tract, and so feedlot operators feed anti-microbial agents (ionophores and antibiotics) to limit the proliferation of certain types of bacteria (e.coli) in the intestinal tract of cattle. Our steers are eating a grass and forage diet, exactly what they were designed to eat. The microbes in their digestive tract are in balance and play a crucial role in the digestion of the fiber in their diet. Our animals are fed a forage-based diet, no grain, no corn. Our steers harvest their own fresh grass in pasture. We occasionally provide supplemental hay, to insure a natural and healthy diet. Our cattle are NEVER fed growth hormones or antibiotics. Our cattle are not confined for long periods of time and are not hauled long distances.

It's also about the Land

By using holistic techniques to manage our cattle and the land, we are effectually helping the range to prosper and improve. It's our intent to leave the land in better shape than the year before to encourage more grass production and to help it handle changing climate patterns. Many of our pastures are fenced and cross-fenced to ensure limited grazing time but we also utilize solar-powered fencing to create pastures in places that need to be grazed short term but where fencing doesn't exist. We do this in an effort to sustain our grasslands and improve it for other uses such as wildlife.

More Customer Feedback:

  • "Amy, we have sampled a bit of the beef, including tenderloin on the grill. It was about the best beef I've ever had! Thanks!"
    ~ J.H. - Fort Collins
  • "We couldn't be more pleased with the beef, truly - simply superb! We're definitely huge fans!"
    ~ D. B. - Fort Collins
  • "The T-bone steaks (or was it the rib steaks?) are SOOO tasty. I am always so proud to serve it to guests, bragging that this is OUR cow. Packaging, processing good; eating great."
    ~ J. H. - Fort Collins
  • "Had the best pot roast of my life!! Sooo good!"
    ~ T. L. - Fort Collins
  • "We are enjoying the beef very much. My husband said it best, it tastes like the beef we used to eat when we were kids. Our kids have liked it so much that when I browned some burger last week and set it on the table for whom ever wanted some on their spaghetti, the kids just ate piles of plain hamburger next to their spaghetti. We were beside ourselves with their response. Even at the age of three they can tell a difference."
    ~ J. W. - Arvada
  • "The flavor/quality of the beef this year is the best ever! I think the good grass and mountain air of Pingree was a winner!"
    ~ D. D. - Loveland
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