Amy's Grass Fed Beef

What does grass fed beef cost?

When you purchase a whole animal, a half or a quarter, the total cost is determined by the hanging weight. That is the weight of the meat before it is aged, cut, wrapped and frozen.
Our prices for 2020 are:

Whole animal:   $5.15 per lb hanging weight.
Half or side:       $5.15 per lb hanging weight.
Quarter:             $5.20 per lb hanging weight.

Processing is an additional cost that you will pay directly to the processor when you pick up your meat.

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More about pricing

A typical side of beef will weigh between 250 and 375 pounds. In addition to the prices listed above, processing (slaughter, aging, cutting and wrapping) is an additional cost to you at 70 cents per pound for whole or half animals, 75 cents per pound for quarters.

Processing is done at Innovative Foods in Evans (970 330-8400). They are experts in meat cutting, provide excellent customer service, and quality wrapping. Our meat is dry-aged for 14 to 21 days for increased tenderness. If you order a half, after aging, cutting and wrapping you can expect to take home 150 to 250 pounds of beef.

Lock in your price - reserve early! While we will do our best to keep prices low, they are subject to change based on fuel costs, cattle prices and weather.